January 2, 2024

Revealed: Alix and David's Goals for 2024


Welcome back for a very special edition of the Wake the  F*** Up podcast with Alix and David. We’re calling this episode “December Dishing” as our hosts sit down to discuss all things holidays, Christmas, blended families, death, grief, and, yes, even intimacy. If you had a crazy Christmas full of emotions or are ideating on your own goals and resolutions for 2024, you don’t want to miss this insightful conversation.

Alix and David begin by reflecting on the past year. They also talk about the importance of creating a safe space for emotions and allowing themselves to feel as well as their personal growth journeys, including healing from grief and trauma.

Then, they dive into work challenges, a topic many of our listeners can relate to. Alix shares her experience creating a healthy work environment after going through difficult times with her previous business partner. She also emphasizes the need for open communication and vulnerability in relationships. Later in the podcast, Alix talks about the pressure to conform to societal expectations, and how she wants to continue doing a better job of breaking free from seeking validation and focus on authenticity. Sounds like a great 2024 goal!

Reflecting back on the holidays, Alix then goes on to talk about finding balance between external validation and spending time with family, especially during the hectic holiday season. At the end of the day, creating meaningful connections with family members is so much more important than having a perfectly decorated house for Christmas…don’t you agree? And of course, parenting is full of challenges, even without holiday stress. But Alix talks about how she found time to immerse herself in life’s simple joys this year, like watching her children ride horses.

And, as most conversations on Wake the F*** Up go, the discussion then pivoted. Alix and David explore topics relating to intimacy, communication and societal programming about sexuality, body image, and gender roles. Alix delves into personal experiences with self-acceptance and highlights the importance of embodiment practices for women's empowerment. The discussion also touches on religious influences as well as attitudes towards sexuality and control over women's bodies.

Lastly, David and Alix wrap up the episode with their 2024 New Year’s resolutions! Everything from working on embodiment practices, developing new features and services in the Wake App, and incorporating more listener feedback into podcast episodes — it’s all on the table this year and we can’t wait to take you along for the journey. ​​We know it’s going to be a transformative year for our hosts, and our podcast listeners. We have so much exciting stuff planned. Stay tuned!

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