April 17, 2024

Anxiety Q&A with Alix and David


This week the Wake the F*ck Up podcast is all about answering YOUR questions on anxiety.  Alix and David are so excited to share this episode with our WAKE listeners because we had so many of you write to us on social media about your biggest anxiety questions, from basic informational inquiries to deeper personal questions..

Q: Can you please give me the science behind anxiety attacks?

Our hosts kick things off with a discussion about the science of why anxiety happens, how it happens in the body, and the difference between anxiety and an anxiety attack. Alix and David also talk through some coping strategies, and the body's response to threats, such as panic attacks.

Q:  How do you get yourself out of a panic attack?

Here you’ll get some basic information on recognizing, understanding, and managing panic attacks with body awareness. Dr. David gives us a super scientific explanation about panic attacks, and the signs you can look out for to anticipate when anxiety and panic are rising in your body. Alix emphasizes how body awareness can play a role in managing anxiety and panic. Box breathing and other breathing techniques are encouraged, as well as grounding exercises and somatic work.

Q: How do you deal with anxiety around misalignment in relationships or friendships?

Later in the episode they also cover navigating friendships amid misalignments and unhealthy dynamics, and talk about how you can go about setting personal limits and boundaries, and understanding attachment patterns. If you’re curious about attachment theory, you’ll want to stick around as Alix and David discuss various types of attachments, and how early childhood experiences can set these patterns in your life. Releasing control in relationships, breaking patterns of codependency, and fostering secure attachments through self-awareness and effective communication were addressed as key points.

The last part of this week’s episode centers around attachment styles in a family dynamic. You’ll hear our hosts discuss mindful parenting practices and nurturing connections based on mutual understanding and support.

We want to thank the members of the WAKE community for writing in and sharing their questions with us on this podcast episode. This is a community and we want every episode to connect back to our listeners on the podcast and our friends on social media.

We also want to make sure you come away from this episode with resources to help you manage your anxiety effectively and holistically.

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