August 9, 2023

Breathwork, the best work


Our guest this week on the Wake the F*** Up Podcast is Cally Nielsen, a yoga instructor, a trauma release/transformational breathwork facilitator, a guided meditation teacher, and a singer-songwriter. Today Cally sits down for part one of a two-part interview with Alix and Jami to talk about the power of breathwork in her mindfulness journey. Alix and Jami also share their experiences with breathwork, what it has meant to them, and how they’re using it as a modality for healing.During this episode, Cally shares her mission to empower people to find solace within their bodies, minds, and spirits, while embracing vulnerability's strength. One of the major themes we touch on in this topic is setting boundaries for empowerment. Cally shares with Alix and Jami how she has learned to successfully establish healthy boundaries in her life. Alix and Jami echo those same sentiments with their own boundary-setting lessons in life.Cally also touches on the meaning of authentic expression, and how embracing her true self has become a cornerstone of her journey, both personally and professionally in her yoga, breathwork, and guided meditation practices.Fans of the WAKE podcast and the WAKE wellness retreats will love listening to this captivating episode with Cally. Her wisdom and experiences promise to inspire and shed light on the transformative power of yoga, breathwork, and meditation. And tune in next week for part two of our conversation with Cally!


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