September 13, 2023

Divorce After Cancer and Starting A New Chapter


This week’s episode of the Wake the F*** Up podcast is a story of resilience and transformation. From the world of pharmacy to the realms of yoga, mindfulness, and healthcare informatics, our guest Ranee Runnebaum shares her multifaceted career journey and the lessons and insights she has gained along the way.This episode comes with a content warning: we’ll be talking about domestic violence and domestic abuse. If those topics are triggering for you, you may want to skip this episode, or come back when you’re ready.When Ranee’s ex-husband was diagnosed with cancer, it was a major turning point in both of their lives. The diagnosis led them on a really difficult journey filled with grief, stress, and financial struggles due to mounting medical bills. If you’ve ever had to be a caregiver to a loved one with a severe illness you may relate to some of the challenges Ranee was facing during this time. Renee opens up about the emotional toll it took on her and how her relationship began to unravel. She reveals the shocking changes in her ex-husband's personality and the verbal abuse she endured during this extremely hard period of their lives, ultimately resulting in their divorce.Throughout this impactful conversation, Alix, Jami and Ranee tackle the complex dynamics of caregiving, highlighting the strains it can place on relationships and personal well-being. They discuss the difficulty of seeking help and the mixed reactions received from friends and family when you’re going through an experience like illness or divorce.Ranee’s journey towards healing and self-discovery really took off when she moved to a new city, following her challenging caregiving experience and divorce. Ranee was able to make a shift and open a new chapter for herself personally and professionally. Renee, now working in patient safety, shares her passion for medication safety within the healthcare system, and how her job has given her a unique lens into topics like guilt, blame, vulnerability, and ownership, because of the culture of fear, shame, and silence surrounding mistakes in healthcare.Alix closes out the episode by asking Ranee about her current chapter in life, personal transformation and experiences. Ranee shares a little more about her journey of self-care and self-discovery, and says is proud to be at a point in her life now where she is more balanced than ever.If you’re experiencing domestic violence or domestic abuse you may find these resources helpful:


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