October 4, 2023

Grief, Healing, and Waking Up


On this episode of the Wake the F*** Up Podcast we welcome back a friend of the show, Alix’s therapist, Jan Kahoe. If you have been listening to our podcast you already know, Jan is a super-accomplished professional counselor and grief specialist. We specifically invited Jan back during the month of September to talk about grief as Alix marks the anniversary of her first husband Carl's passing. We kick things off pondering the significance of marking such occasions and reflecting on mindfulness in grief. Jan stresses the importance of living in the present and deriving purpose from everyday activities. Alix and Jan also explore the challenges tied to managing grief-related tasks and decision-making after losing a loved one. If you’re interested in the topic of grief you’ll want to listen to this episode asJan and Alix share their nuanced expertise and personal experiences, including medical trauma, the impact of being a caregiver, and the pivotal role of self-love in healing from loss.Jan shares how the death of loved ones is a profound experience that alters our perspective. The memories stick with us, and can alter so much of our behaviors and actions as we process the grief journey. But the silver lining, or *glimmer* as we like to say here on the Wake the F*** Up Podcast is that going through significant loss makes us realize what truly matters in life.Alix shares her personal experience with how loss can lead to changes in relationships as tensions shift. Some people struggle to maintain friendships when they are at different stages of healing, but it's important to set boundaries and prioritize self-care. Grief is a universal experience that everyone will go through in some form or another, and it shouldn't be avoided or stigmatized.Alix shares how her therapy journey with Jan has helped her process the grief of Carl’s passing, and a big takeaway from that is that she is no longer afraid to be joyful, and has found love again, and gotten remarried. Alix also talks about the challenges of creating a new family dynamic and dealing with other people's opinions. Alix’s insights in her journey towards self-love are woven throughout this episode, and that’s one of the best takeaways we can offer to our listeners.


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