January 24, 2024

Healers Healing


This week we have a very special episode for you recorded in-person in conjunction with our  2024 Wake Reset retreat at at Grace Pilates+Yoga in New Orelans on January 10th. On today’s episode, Alix welcomes two incredible guests who are remarkable healers and experts in the mindfulness space. New to the podcast we welcome Cynthea Corfah, a Freelance journalist, social media specialist, and founder of Brunch for the Soul and eczema advocate. And returning to the Wake the  F*** Up podcast we have Cally Nielsen: the yoga and breathwork teacher behind Vessel Healing. Cally is also a trauma release/transformational breathwork facilitator, singer-songwriter, and guided meditation teacher.

In this insightful and collaborative episode, you’ll get to hear Alix, Cynthia, and Callie share their experiences with healing, women's empowerment, breathwork, trauma release. Cynthia reflects on her first experience doing breath work with Callie during the retreat, and the feeling of lightness and restoration that comes after a long session of breathwork and meditation.

The conversation shifts to topics of self-identity, generational traumas, relationships with money and boundaries. Basically, with this group, in this room, we cover it all! No subject is off limits.  Alix, Cynthia, and Callie agree on the importance of being authentic and transparent in relationships and breaking free from societal expectations. Listen as each of our guests shares personal experiences of how they are waking up to their authentic self, and their goals for 2024 in terms of personal growth and healing.

Be sure to stick around for the end of the episode when Alix and Cynthia discuss the importance of setting boundaries, and how they really starts with being honest with yourself. Alix shares her journey with the continual challenges of saying no, dealing with people's reactions, and the need for self-care. If boundary setting is on your list of goals for 2024, we hope you come away from this episode with a deeper understanding of what it means to surround yourself with supportive friends who understand and respect boundaries so you can enter the year as your most authentic self.

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