February 14, 2024

Unveiling Love: How Childhood Shapes Our Relationships


Happy Valentine’s Day, Wake family! This week on the Wake the  F*** Up podcast we have two incredible guests, Dr. Cindy Ashkins and Dr. Bob Gervey, sharing their knowledge and expertise about mindfulness and relationships! Dr. Cindy has been a licensed clinician since 1980 and is a certified Imago Relationship Therapist and Workshop Presenter. Dr. Bob is a medical psychologist whose work integrates medication management with his clinical services. They are life partners, work partners and co-creators of Mindful Love Workshops, which teach couples numerous relationship skills including how to be present to themselves and each other.

Alix kicks the conversation off by crediting Dr. Bob for helping so many of her friends, and even a close family member. As Alix says, Dr. Bob helped her family through a critical time and she’s deeply grateful. From there, Dr. Cindy and Dr. Bob discuss their backgrounds and the workshops they offer. You’ll get to hear all about how the Mindful Love Workshops began, and the evolution to where they are today. They also discuss how they teach couples to use breath and meditation for emotional regulation and conscious communication.

Dr. Cindy and Dr. Bob then answer some deep questions on why chaos and grief sometimes cause couples to lose their connection to each other, and why it’s absolutely crucial for the individuals in a relationship to be present in order to foster (or rebuild) their connection. Alix and David also share personal stories about their experiences with therapy, medication management, and the importance of mindfulness in relationships. And finally, stick around for the end of the conversation, when Dr. Gervey talks about his pioneering research on genetic testing for psychiatric medications. If you’re interested in the science of wellbeing and mental health, it’s a discussion you won’t want to miss.

This week’s episode is not exactly Valentine’s themed, but it’s all about relationships!  We hope you enjoy it and maybe listen to it along with someone you love this week!

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