February 7, 2024

How Mindfulness Can Lead to a HOTTER and BETTER Sex Life


It’s our steamiest, sexiest, raunchiest, episode yet! Our guest today is Tiffany Anton, a Psychotherapist specializing in sex and relationships. For the past 23 years, Tiffany has helped individuals and couples enhance their relationships and intimate lives. In addition to her private practice, she has presented nationwide on a variety of topics covering cancer diagnosis and sex, geriatric sexuality in assisted living and nursing homes, Lifestyle/Swinging conventions, and kink education. Tiffany also provides training for other licensed clinicians in working with sexual concerns in their therapy offices.

In this episode, Alix and David sit down with Tiffany to talk about alllll the steamy and spicy sexual things. From normalizing sexual desires, to exploring pleasure, body image issues, shame and judgment, and improving communication with partners. The conversation also touches on societal influences on sexual attitudes and behaviors. Tiffany addresses the existential question of, where does this come from? Where does the sexual shame come from? It’s a complicated answer with ties to how were raised, the society we grew up in, and how those concepts are reinforced in differing experiences.

As parents of a blended family, Alix and David also wanted to hear Tiffany’s recommendations for talking to teenagers about sex. Don’t miss her expert tips, and the specific resources she recommends for safely and appropriately learning more about pleasure and self-exploration.

Yes, this episode has a lot of sexual content, but it’s also about all our favorite WAKE themes too: mindfulness, self-love, and open communication. As Tiffany explains, those aspects of living consciously can be transformative in enhancing sexual experiences.

This episode is too juicy to pass up.

Resources mentioned in this episode:


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