April 24, 2024

Tune in to You: How to Listen to Your Mind and Body


Welcome back to the Wake the F*ck Up podcast. This week our hosts Alix and David are revisiting one of our most popular topics on the podcast: anxiety. We have received such a great response to our previous episodes about anxiety so we wanted to dive back in and talk more about understanding behavioral responses, setting boundaries, living authentically, and listening to your inner voice. 

As you’ll notice in all of our episodes, these discussions are focused on evidence-based scientific information and the role and function of your nervous system when it comes to anxiety. Alix and David kick this episode off talking about fight or flight responses, dysregulated emotions, and the impact this can have on disconnecting from your true self. Creating or having access to a safe space for authentic expression can help alleviate anxiety. They also touch on how childhood experiences can deeply impact the behaviors and emotions you have as an adult. As our hosts explain, learning, setting, and communicating healthy boundaries is crucial here, in all relationships ranging from family, to friendships, and partnerships. Alix also shares her insights on authenticity from the perspective of an in-recovery people-pleaser. 

If you’re interested in physical body responses to anxiety you’ll want to stick around for the later part of the episode when Alix and David talk about listening to your own bodily sensations to make authentic choices. Our hosts also offer some suggestions for reducing anxiety through mindful practices. 

We wrap up talking about the importance of aligning your internal feelings and external actions. Mindfulness can be really helpful when it comes to differentiating between the outer expectations from the world around you, and your true inner wants and needs. Self-reflection and journaling can also help you shut out the noise around you and listen better to your inner voice. By prioritizing self-understanding, reducing anxiety through mindful practices, and fostering genuine connections, we hope our listeners can seek greater emotional clarity and overall well-being. 

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