December 27, 2023

Is Busyness Breaking Your Spirit


This week on the Wake the  F*** Up podcast Alix and David welcome Jacqueline “Jax” Hurst to the show. We know Jax’s journey of self discovery and living authentically will resonate with our listeners! Jax is an Intuitive Guide, Yoga Teacher, and Soul Coach. Her mission is to inspire and motivate others to discover (or re-discover) their true authentic selves by doing the things that light their soul on fire. Alix and David kick off the conversation talking with Jax about the power of living an authentic soul-led life.

Jax shares her journey of how she did not initially like yoga, but eventually fell in love with it after a transformative class. This informative and insightful conversation explores Jax’s journey into mindfulness practices and yoga, as well as her personal experiences with anxiety and healing.

From there, the conversation shifts to the challenges of self-discovery and the importance of slowing down and peeling away layers in order to find true inner peace. A lot of us can relate to the experience of how being constantly busy and not taking time to rest can lead to anxiety, depression, and feelings of unworthiness. Jax and Alix talk about the impact of trauma on the nervous system, emphasizing the importance of feeling safe in order to heal. We loved Hearing David’s insights on this as well–David shares his experience as a doctor and acknowledges the unhealthy culture in medical training that prioritizes busyness over self-care.

Do you like to set intentions for the day or for the year? Jax shares her personal intention for peace in 2023, and describes her journey towards finding inner peace amidst busyness and grief, including a miscarriage. Jax walks us through her emotional and physical healing process after the miscarriage, including complications and feelings of loneliness. She and Alix also touch on the challenges of navigating fertility issues and the impact it has on women's sense of self. It’s just so important to be checking in on yourself and make choices that bring peace, like practicing mindfulness in everyday activities.

Stick around for the end of this episode when Jax shares her personal journey with spirituality, reflecting on her Catholic upbringing and the experience of deepening her faith in recent years, which ultimately helped her cope with the grief of her miscarriage. She talks about how at the end of of the day, finding a different perspective in life can really help nurture your spirit. Alix and Jax spend the last few minutes of this incredibvle episode imply reflecting on  the purpose of every life, even after death.

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