August 2, 2023

Lessons from NICU and Coping with Loss


Welcome back to the Wake the F*** Up Podcast. This week, Alix and her co-host Jami sit down together and cover a lot of personal ground, much of it centered around trauma and their healing journeys. But first, if you missed last week, we discussed Jami's struggle to set boundaries with her boss at work and establish healthy communication. Alix kicks things off by asking Jami about her "boundary bomb" email. We dive into Jami’s courageous step of setting boundaries and the anxiety that can come with it. Jami shares the outcomes of the email she sent to her boss and the surprising positive response she received! Jami also reflects on her communication styles and how they impact her ability to connect with her true self and express herself authentically in various areas of life, such as work and personal relationships. Alix and Jami explore the importance of understanding our communication strengths and weaknesses, as well as the role they play in fostering healthy relationships.Later in this episode, our hosts share the trauma they carry from their distinct caregiving experiences. Jami opens up about her time in the NICU with her newborn son, and Alix discusses the challenges she faced losing her first husband to cancer. The discussion shifts to the role of the caregiver in acute hospital settings, and both Alix and Jami offer valuable advice for anyone facing a similar situation. Death and near-death experiences, and caring for a loved one in that journey, leave a lasting trauma impact. Our hosts finish out the episode talking about how that trauma has impacted different areas of their lives, what they have learned from it, and how they have been able to heal and grow.


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