September 6, 2023

Losing Control of Your Life, Body, and Fertility


This week on the Wake the F*** Up podcast we are talking about the transformative power of yoga with our special guest, Jami’s friend and mentor Jennifer Guthrie. Jennifer is a yoga instructor and owner of Glow Yoga in Gulf Shores Alabama, which just celebrated its 10 year anniversary in July!If you’ve ever been curious about starting a yoga practice, you won’t want to miss our discussion about the importance of finding the right yoga community and studio, the evolution of one's yoga practice, and the support that a studio community can provide during times of grief and life transitions.Jennifer opens up about her personal experiences and reflections on dealing with loss, expectations, and decision-making related to having another child after experiencing pregnancy loss. She shares with us the importance of tuning into your feelings and body sensations when making decisions, instead of overthinking and relying solely on analytical thinking, Jennifer suggests paying attention to how different choices make you feel on a physical and emotional level.Alix shares that she has had a similar realization about the value of somatic experiences, and the surrender you feel after trauma shatters your life, and as Alix says, “you can't use your head right?” Alix shares how she’s really into trauma and semantics right now, and how that connects with Jennifer’s suggestion of decision-making through somatics. The big takeaway: “how do you feel in your body? Let that guide you to your truth.”Later in the episode, Jennifer shares her expertise on the mind-body connection, yoga, mindfulness, and grief. She highlights the importance of strengthening the connection between the mind and body during yoga and mindfulness practices, emphasizing that these practices make the brain-to-body wiring stronger.Jennifer also talks about the concept of clear seeing and clear listening, which involves being fully present and attuned to one's own body and emotions. The body communicates with us, we just need to listen to it.


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