December 20, 2023

Manifesting an Unfuckwithable Mindset


As we head into the throes of the holiday season, we thought our listeners might need a mindfulness check-in. So, we brought in Laura Livermore Gilley, a mindset and manifestation coach, wellness retreat leader and yoga instructor. Laura works with women all over the country through online courses, workshops, one-on-one coaching and in-person retreats with an approach that combines spiritual teachings, neuroscience, inner child healing and energy work to align the mind, body and soul. In this episode, Laura shared stories and insights from her work empowering women to manifest their dreams through deep inner transformation as well as how to build an unfuckwithable mindset to create magnetic energy.Laura’s baby son Jack also joined us this week which led Alix, Laura and David into a fantastic discussion on the challenges of being mindful while raising children. The conversation touched on the transformative nature of becoming a parent and the importance of relaxation during childbirth. Our guest even opened up about her own natural birth story and her use of hypnobirthing techniques as well as her reflections on how undervalued motherhood is and how she came to the realization that being a mother is her purpose in life.The conversation then shifted to the complex dynamics of partners working together and communicating while on their individual healing paths. Alix and David talked about the differences in their spiritual beliefs and how they have actually helped their relationship. Laura also shared how she and her husband have different beliefs when it comes to spirituality and manifestation, but that they have collaborated to find a common ground and speak the same language. This conversation runs the gamut — from inner child work to feeling the influence of family members who have passed away.The next big topic we jumped to is a favorite here at Wake — the importance of safety and feeling safe. Dr. David stepped in with some great insights where he emphasized the importance of creating a safe space for men to share their feelings and needs, and how many men have the fear of being unloved if they show vulnerability. Laure also shared some of her expertise on mindset work and manifesting in relationships, highlighting the need to create internally before experiencing external change.Finally, we wrapped up by discussing Laura’s coaching work and upcoming events, including a wellness retreat in Sedona, AZ. If you are looking for an opportunity to align your chakras and manifest the things you desire, then this retreat could be for you! Follow the link below for more details on the Aligned Soul Retreat hosted by Laura in May 2024.


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