April 10, 2024

Polyvagal theory: Body Responses and Coping Strategies for Anxiety


This week on the podcast, Alix and David talk about  coping strategies for anxiety and how to observe your body’s responses to anxiety. Alix and David kick-off the conversation talking about the role of emotions in the workplace and how problems are best solved with emotional honesty and transparency. This allows you to foster a healthy work environment and support the mental well-being of yourself and the people you work with. 

From there, our hosts discuss anxiety, focusing on understanding and managing it effectively. One tool that Alix touches on is practicing self-compassion by challenging negative self-talk with positive affirmations. The next time you hear negative self-talk happening in your mind, try flipping your inner voice to positive talk. 

A common theme we come back to on the Wake the F*ck Up podcast is how our bodies respond to anxiety, the Polyvagal theory and methods to alleviate anxiety through mindfulness and somatic experiences. In order to begin healing your anxiety, you can start by observing and understanding what triggers it and start to recognize physical reactions you have when anxious. Understanding Polyvagal theory can be especially helpful in relationships. We’ll link some resources in the show notes below to help guide you towards noticing anxious symbols in body language, in yourself or in your partner, and tools to help you respond accordingly. Communication and touch are seen as global coping mechanisms but even something as simple as deep breathing can help address anxious feelings. Alix also touches on exploring somatic responses and their connection to past experiences as well as the impact of sleep patterns on anxiety levels.

Finally, Alix brings up sunshine for nervous system healing and exposing yourself to morning sunshine for anxiety relief. Research shows spending time in nature can be incredibly helpful for reducing anxiety, but even a short walk on a sunny day can help boost your mood, especially during a period of stress and anxiety. 

We want this podcast to feel like a community, so please sound off in the comments! We encourage our listeners to share their experiences with anxiety and coping strategies that have worked. 

Loved this episode? Check out these resources to expand your understanding of Body Responses and Coping Strategies for Anxiety:

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