January 31, 2024

The Hot Widows Guide to Love After Loss


This week on the Wake the  F*** Up podcast we’re excited to welcome Whitney Lynn Allen back to the show and to have co-host David joining in the conversation this time. A mom of two boys (Jackson and Leo), widow and author, Whitney first appeared on our show in July 2023. She is also a grief educator and coach, and her book, “Running in Trauma Stilettos,” is an Amazon Best Seller

During the podcast, Alix, Whitney and David talk about the challenges of blending families after losing a spouse, as well as navigating different parenting styles. They also touch on the complexities of grief and anniversaries, and the way that holidays and the change of seasons can remind you of the anniversary of losing a loved one.

Later in the conversation, the three share insights on moving on after loss, and how people often underestimate your ability and capacity to love. Widows and widowers have a shared experience of feeling like they need to defend their new relationships against judgment from others. Whitney then shares the challenges of being judged and misunderstood by others who have not experienced loss. She emphasizes the need to choose love again and defend her new life. The key takeaway — open communication is essential for understanding and moving forward with love after loss.The conversation also touches on the complexities of grieving while parenting and finding a new identity after losing a spouse.

Stick around for the end of the episode when Whitney gives us a sneak preview of her second book. This new memoir delves into Whitney’s new chapter in her grief journey, and provides tools for other widows rebuilding life after loss. The goal with this book is to continue the important work of sharing knowledge with others who may benefit from it, and help to form a supportive community among widows.

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