November 15, 2023

Welcome Co-Host David Long: Grief, Codependency & Emotional Intelligence


You asked and we delivered — David Long (aka Alix’s husband!) is officially the co-host of Wake the F*** Up! We want to thank all our listeners who reached out and responded so positively to his previous episodes. We are thrilled to have David and his incredible perspective behind the mic every Wednesday.Like the last episode David made a guest appearance on, he and Alix had such a great conversation that we decided to make this into a two-part episode. This week, you’ll be hearing about David’s experience with grief, healing, relationships and how it feels to open up old wounds.If you’ve been listening to the Wake the F*** Up podcast regularly, you know Alix and David both have an intimate experience with loss. In this episode, they discuss how loss has changed them in both similar and different ways. You’ll also hear Alix and David touch on the fear of fully experiencing emotions, while still trying to function in daily life.Looking for tools to manage anxiety and overwhelming emotions? You’ll want to tune in for this informative and insightful discussion. After touching on their similar, yet different, grief journeys, Alix and David share their personal experience of suppressing big feelings, and how they eventually allowed themselves to feel in a safe environment, while also recognizing the potential dangers of feeling everything at once. Then, they wrap up part one with a deep dive into codependency, highlighting its destructive nature and how it can inhibit personal growth.Be sure to listen in next week for part two of Alix and David’s conversation, where they will be discussing aging parents and the grief that comes with that journey as well as trauma, how it deregulates your nervous system, what happens when you don’t feel safe, and why you need safety in order to heal and wake the f*** up.Resources mentioned in this episode:


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