October 25, 2023

White Butterflies: Solace in Symbols


This week on the Wake the F*** Up podcast we welcome Crystalyn Aucoin, a mom, a widow, and an amazing jewelry designer based in New Orleans. Creating a jewelry line was not always part of Crystalyn's plans, however, a major life-altering event changed the course of her journey, when her 38-year-old husband Ryan passed away from cancer. In this episode, Crystalyn opens up about the challenges she faced during her pregnancy and caring for her husband while he battled lymphoma and leukemia. Alix and Crystalyn reflect on the similarities and differences in their widow journeys and grief experiences. One thing they have in common is strength found in the connections they made with others going through similar experiences. They both touch on the importance of having those supportive people because of how much everything in their life changed after their partner died.A big theme throughout this episode is symbols and symbolism, which are a part of both women's lives, and particularly with Crystalyn's jewelry line. Alix shares about the necklace that Crystalyn gave her at Carl’s funeral, the symbolism of the strength pendant, and what the connection means to her. Meanwhile, Crystalyn shares her experience of finding solace in symbols during her grief journey, particularly after her husband Ryan's passing, white butterflies have become a sign of connection with him. Alix and Crystalyn agree, symbols can help them feel connected to the past, and to their deceased loved ones, in the same way that they can feel connected through certain moments and activities. For example, Alix shares she can sometimes feel that connection to her deceased husband Carl during a really good yoga class. Both speakers agree that they feel a sense of guidance and reassurance from their loved ones who have passed away.The conversation touches on rebuilding life after loss, finding peace, and learning to live again while carrying grief. Alix talks about running businesses while raising children and using productivity as a coping mechanism but also seeking balance in prioritizing family over work. Crystalyn expresses her fear about being a widow, a single mother, and a business owner, and trying to build a network of support. Both Alix and Crystalyn highlight the process of breaking down emotionally, reaching rock bottom, and rebuilding themselves after experiencing profound loss. Crystalyn underscores how much the experience of becoming a widow opened her eyes to unapologetically living her purpose. Crystalyn lost her husband in 2016, and Crystalyn Aucoin Jewelry was launched in 2018, based on a desire to connect the intentions of a woman’s journey, to the jewelry she wears everyday.Shop Crystalyn’s jewelry line here:For our listeners we have a special coupon code for 10% off your purchase! Enter the code Wake at checkout for 10% off your purchase!


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