June 21, 2023

Why do we often wait until we're in crisis to seek therapy?


Alix and Jami sit down to recap their conversation with Ashley Rossy. Ashley is a real estate agent, yoga teacher, lifelong yoga student, and single mom who joined us on last week’s episode of the Wake the F*** up podcast. Alix and Jami recall the details of their candid conversation with Ashley on the often-taboo subject of sexuality, and the emotions entangled with shame and societal expectations, challenging the norms and embracing personal desires. Also in this episode, Alix takes us through her love for yoga and specifically yoga philosophy, expressing her hesitations about pursuing advanced yoga training, and the profound healing power she finds in the practice. Jami shares her personal therapy journey, her struggle to find an authentic connection with therapists, and the pivotal role trust and authenticity play in therapeutic relationships. We also dive into the all-too-common practice of compartmentalizing our everyday worries and subconscious thoughts, and how repressing our emotions is ultimately bad for our mental health. Alix brings up the important differences between talk therapy and therapists who equip us with practical tools for emotional and psychological struggles. Stream the full episode to hear Alix and Jami explore this important question: Why do we often wait until we're in crisis to seek therapy?


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