October 18, 2023

Widowhood, Motherhood, and Life After Loss


If you’ve been listening to the Wake the F*** Up podcast for a while, you know how powerful it can be when Alex invites fellow widows on the show to share their experience. No two grief walks are the same, and we think the stories and insights from this week’s guest will be really impactful for our listeners. Your Wake the F*** Up host Alix Long welcomes Vera Hendrix Tuggle, who shares her experience as a widow and her husband Ty's battle with incurable brain cancer. The couple met and got engaged while working in healthcare in New Orleans, and you’ll get to hear Vera share about how they navigated their relationship through long-distance during fellowship. Ty's diagnosis was challenging, but they remained hopeful for his survival despite the grim prognosis. Vera’s Husband Ty passed away last year from incurable brain cancer called GBM, at the age of 40, while Vera was 6 months pregnant with their second child.One of the big topics Alix and Vera touch on in this episode is regret, because it’s such a common theme among those dealing with grief. Another common occurrence: feelings of guilt for not being able to save their loved one. This is where finding support from others who have gone through similar situations can really make a big difference. Vera emphasizes that you can only make decisions based on what you know at the time, and hope plays a crucial role in facing terminal illnesses like glioblastoma, even though it remains a difficult journey. Alix and Very reflect on the emotional impact from their similar experiences dealing with cancer, and the regrets they sometimes feel about medical decisions. They also highlight the significance of staying positive while facing a deadly illness, despite the reality of the situation. Vera’s courage and resilience on this journey is truly incredible, and I’m so grateful that she’s with us on the podcast today to share her story.


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