March 27, 2024

Widows Having Babies: Alix and David’s Big Authentic Choice


Buckle up WAKE fam. This is probably our most authentic, most vulnerable and emotional episode yet. We won’t bury the lead - Alix and David are pregnant! Their pregnancy together as remarried widows has been a complex journey. Alix and David kick off this big announcement talking about how emotional it is to make big life choices. And how the trauma, losses, and grief from their pasts have deep great pain and taught them the value in life. David opens up and shares for the first time some of the worries and fears he had during this pregnancy journey with Alix. No spoilers in the show notes, you’ll have to listen to the full episode to hear what happens. 

Alix opens up about how their decision to get pregnant has been bringing up a lot of past pain for her, underscoring her loss of choice in motherhood due to Carl’s cancer. But she is also deeply proud of where she and David are as a couple, and how they got there. As you’ll hear, this episode is all about authenticity and new beginnings, moving on from past pain and choosing life, love, and each other. The weight of Alix and David’s experiences shapes the path towards expanding their family. Yes this is a pregnancy announcement episode, but we’re also talking a lot about grief, resilience, and navigating big choices amidst adversity. 

Throughout this deep and authentic conversation, you’ll hear Alix and David open up about personal loss, trauma, fertility challenges due to cancer, emphasizing authenticity in relationships and navigating grief openly. They discuss healing after loss, rebuilding relationships post-tragedy, blending families from past marriages, and overcoming self-worth fears together. Despite how hard, vulnerable, and scary it feels, Alix and David are confident in choosing authenticity over people-pleasing behaviors every time. This is especially true in regards to starting a family at an older age. It’s a bittersweet conversation for sure, sharing news of expecting a baby while reflecting on shared experiences through loss, growth and waking up. 

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