August 16, 2023

You Only Have One Boat


This week on the Wake the F*** Up Podcast we welcome back friend of the show and WAKE Wellness Retreat contributor Cally Nielsen. If you tuned in last week you already know Cally is a gifted yoga instructor, trauma release/transformational breathwork facilitator, guided meditation teacher, and a singer-songwriter. Today Cally sits down with Alix and Jami for part two of this impactful conversation.In this episode, Cally reflects on her wake-up moments and the ripple effects they've had on her life. From navigating toxic relationships to embracing self-love, Cally shares her path of choosing authenticity and growth. Along with Alix and Jami, Cally discusses the power of creating safe spaces, the magic of their retreat experiences, and the importance of letting go of self-doubt. Through poignant anecdotes and shared vulnerabilities, this episode explores healing, self-discovery, and the interconnectedness that drives their shared journey.Another significant theme you’ll hear about in this podcast episode is body image and self-acceptance. Alix, Jami, and Cally all have vulnerable moments to share from their pasts, as so many of us do! These stories reveal struggles with body image and self-esteem. The conversation underscores the importance of embracing one's body and working towards self-love and acceptance. Cally shares this insight that inspired the title of this particular episode, saying “The reason why I call my yoga and breathwork stuff Vessel Healing, because we are our own vessel. Like, you're the boat. And I always have had this vision. I see everything in metaphors and analogies, and I have this visual for everything. You have to take care of your ship.”


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