Jan 9

Gulf Shores


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The most beautiful weekend spent with the most beautiful people.

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Feeling bittersweet gratitude after the first WAKE retreat this past weekend in Fort Morgan, AL 🌊. I cannot thank you enough for letting me teach and guide alongside you. I am forever changed and this retreat granted me a release that I’ve been craving for some time now. This is just the beginning and without you we wouldn’t be here, basking in this warm post-retreat glow ☀️Every single woman who came (myself included) was raw, vulnerable, and open from the very beginning. Through the workshops and body work there was an endless stream of tears, laughter, and love that poured from that beach house. The energy was tangible and we were all leaning on each other, which is how we got so deep so fast. I’m still in awe that we were only there for around 3 days because it felt like we had all known each other for a week at least.I had the immense pleasure of leading an immersive sound journey where I took everyone through alpha, theta, and delta brainwaves for over an hour while shifting between chanting, singing, guiding meditation, and playing flute.It was magic.I felt the same freedom and confidence that I feel when I’m leading breathwork and it opened my eyes to how much I need to lean into that space and offer more sound journey experiences. That goes for yoga and public breathwork classes as well 🌙I led a group breathwork session and got to witness so many unravellings… I think that’s my favorite part - getting to see someone unzip the facade, let down their walls, and really feel the well of emotions within.It was epic and beautiful and purposeful.I feel so grateful that these women trusted me with their hearts, minds, and bodies and that they opened the space for me to do the same.I let go of the self-imposed limiting beliefs that were still roaming around in my mind.I shed the idea of having to prove my worth to anybody.I let myself be unapologetically SEEN.I could go on forever but for now I will say this… there will be more retreats and they will keep getting more and more potent. I have the widest smile on my face thinking of what’s to come and a full heart 🤍

-Cally Skye


what to expect

WAKE Retreats will return to a secluded stretch of Gulf Shores, Alabama called Fort Morgan. We will be spending a transformative weekend ocean front, in a beautiful spacious home.

Arrival begins on Thursday the 26th at noon. For those that are flying, the nearest airport is in Pensacola and is 38 miles away but an hour or so Uber drive.

We will staying directly on the beach. The photo featured is our private boardwalk and the pool will be heated. That being said, it will still be January so please pack warm!

Packing Checklist


  • Poolside Sound Ceremony lead by Cally
  • Inner Child Workshop lead by Alix
  • Beach Yoga lead by Cally
  • Nature Walks & Meditations
  • Guided Meditations & Journals
  • Take Back Your Power Workshop lead by Alix
  • Pilates lead by Alix
  • Metaphoric Breath-work lead by Cally
  • Private Chef prepared meals
  • Private Yoga or Pilates
  • Private Therapy Sessions
  • Private Breathwork Sessions
  • Meal Planning & Preparation Class
Full Itinerary

Pricing & Availability

- Pricing varies based on your room selection.

- Payment includes: all meals prepared by private chef, beverages, full list of offerings mentioned above (excluding the add-on amenities), journals, journal supplies, heated private pool, & more

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