Co-Founder of Wake Wellness & Co-Host of Wake the F*** Up

Alix Long's journey into the wellness industry began with classical Pilates, a discipline that not only sculpted her body but also grounded her mind and spirit. Her passion for Pilates evolved into a professional calling, leading her to become a certified Real Pilates instructor. This was just the beginning. Shortly after earning her certification, Alix co-founded Grace Pilates+Yoga in New Orleans, allowing her to blend her expertise in Pilates to offer a holistic approach to wellness.

Recognizing the intricate link between the body and emotional well-being, Alix became a trauma and somatics coach, and an Integrative Health Coach, certified by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN). She also gained skills in guiding clients through EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) techniques. These certifications reflect her commitment to addressing not just the physical but the emotional and psychological aspects of wellness.

The creation of Wake Wellness was a natural progression of Alix's expanding vision. Here, she combines her diverse training to offer a comprehensive health and wellness experience. Through the Wake, Alix emphasizes the importance of understanding the body's signals, teaching people how to heal from past traumas by creating a state of balance and resilience. Under the Wake umbrella, you’ll find an innovative app with science-backed tools to help you heal your nervous system as well as in-depth courses, immersive retreats and a weekly podcast – “Wake The F*** Up,” co-hosted by Alix’s husband, David.

Alix’s path from a classical Pilates instructor to a multifaceted wellness leader and holistic healing advocate is a testament to her dedication to the well-being of others. Her story is a powerful reminder of the transformative potential of mindful movement, emotional healing and dedicated self-care, inspiring a community of individuals eager to live awakened and vibrant lives.