Co-Founder of Wake Wellness & Co-Host of Wake the F*** Up

In the tapestry of life, every thread of joy is intertwined with strands of sorrow, a truth Dr. David Long knows all too intimately. A loving father to Kate, Jack and Trigg, and a dedicated partner in both life and work, David's journey through the depths of grief and back to the shores of hope is a testament to the human spirit's capacity for resilience and rebirth. 

Born and raised in New Orleans and Alexandria, Louisiana, Dr. Long's early life was marked by a commitment to medical excellence and community service. Completing his residency at LSU's Charity Hospital in New Orleans, followed by a fellowship at the Miami Vascular Institute, he honed his expertise in interventional radiology, leading to a distinguished 17-year tenure in private practice in Alexandria, Louisiana.

David's world was irrevocably altered in February 2020 when he lost his wife, Betsy, suddenly to a brain aneurysm. In an instant, he was thrust into the dual role of widower and single father, navigating the tumultuous seas of grief while steering his family through their collective heartache. It was in the darkest of these times that David discovered the transformative power of vulnerability and the healing that comes from embracing one's emotional needs. It was during this grieving period that he met Alix, whom he found solace and understanding with, offering him a sanctuary to rediscover himself. 

Their connection, grounded in mutual support and profound emotional communication, blossomed into a love unlike any he had experienced. This relationship, founded on the freedom to be genuinely oneself and to navigate sorrow with grace, led to their marriage and the beginning of a new chapter in San Antonio, Texas. Here, they have nurtured a blended, mindful, and connected family life, emblematic of their shared values and commitment to healing. 

Professionally, Dr. Long embarked on a new venture, establishing a practice that aligns with his desire to integrate his technical skills with a focus on minimally invasive healthcare, all while prioritizing family and personal growth. 

As a co-host of the Wake Wellness podcast, Dr. Long brings his wealth of experience, both professional and personal, to support others in their healing journeys. His story is a testament to the power of love, resilience, and rebirth, offering inspiration to those seeking to navigate their paths through hardship towards a more awakened, mindful life.